The Institute will be in one Of the 7  villages of Kituwah

Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in the N.E. corner of Georgia. Come and  Relax and recharge yourself, through the energy Work of Edd Edwards
Finally In the Works KITUWAH ENERGY HEALTH AND HEALING INSTITUTE, Relax and find inner peace and spiritual well being while visiting, our Natural surroundings. Listen to the babbling brooks and our natural waterfalls, as you walk through acres of trails.

Take part in Meditation and Yoga. Camps and sessions.

Stay fit, in what promises to be a state of the art fitness and wellness center, including clinicians and acupressure, as well as spa and massage programs.

KITUWAH OFFERS A UNIQUE  holistic approach to finding a balance of health and longevity through SELF AWARENESS AND HEALING ..  A variety of education classes will be held, to awaken your mind and find your energy and self healing abilities.
So whether it's a long weekend of rest and meditation you crave, or a weeks long yoga and detox boot camp. We will tailor an itinerary, to make your stay THE BEST EVER
Kituwah Energy Health and Healing Institute , Files for 501c3: ITS  OFFICIAL....

I am bringing together an idea of the new center that we are forming this winter in my home town area .. I am working with Investors , doctors , and other key people to form our business model .. It will include many alternative ways of causing your bodies to start healing

As time passed, this ancient and mysterious clan of wise men became known as the “Ani-Kutani”. Because of their mysterious powers and control over the forces of nature, the Ani-Kutani totally controlled the religious function of the Cherokee Nation. The Ani-Kutani grew to be a clan among the Cherokee, as opposed to a society, because their power and position had become hereditary. As the powers granted to the Ani-Kutani were granted by special dispensation from the divine breathgiver, they were only to be used for the best interests of the people.

The video to the left is where I am planning to have the Kituwah Institute that will be totally off grid and we will create all our power and grow most of our foods and have secluded health and healing and teaching center in the mountains