How to Register with my website – Authentication & 2 factor Authentication

Before you start the registration

Depeding if you are on a smartphone , IPad , tablet , laptop or desktop, go to where you get your apps or to Google and download “Google Authenticator”.

   I recommend putting it on all your devices and it is used to do the 2 step authentication that improves security on many different sites including this site. It generates special 6 digit codes that are only good for 1 minute. that allows you to securely sign in to my website as a member.

When you register and setting up your user account on my site , please use a strong password and the 2 step Authenticator to get the 6 digit code that will unlock your doorway into the site. At the bottom of your page check 2 step and click

Open the QR code and with the 2 step app in the top rt corner click the + and then click “Scan Barcode” and that will link it all together and then click update and close your page . then in the future when you sign to my site it will ask for an Authentication code and you open the app and it generates a code every minute so the moment it does new code enter that where it asks and hit enter and then you will be securely locked in.   I will add a short how to video to this shortly .

3 thoughts on “How to Register with my website – Authentication & 2 factor Authentication”

    1. June ,
      I am still having a few issues learning how to make all this work on my website , I do not have any help nor the money to hire the help to make all this work , so I am slowly learning it from free you tube how to videos.

      As soon as I can get it to work then I will send out a newsletter with instructions on how to register and sign up for my classes .. Once I can make enough money to hire someone, I will, but until then you will have to be patient, until I can learn how to make it work without problems.

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